About raaj Rahhi

The journey of a common man…

Life is a package of mysteries…a young boy hailing from India has traveled a long road indeed. A dropout from medical college, moving to journalism and culminating his journey in the film and entertainment industry. This is not an extract from a piece of fiction, but a real struggle lived by film maker Raaj Rahhi. 

Life is what you make of it. One should have the courage to dream and to chase one’s dreams. This is what Raaj Rahhi is made of.  He is a gentle indomitable soul who entered the Indian film industry’s portals where the big names had been ruling the roost. With no portfolio and an eye for an unconventional career, and a burning desire to make a mark, he stormed into the industry and since then has carved a niche for himself. His dedication, impeccable character and die-hard spirit to better himself with every piece of his work have made him a bankable and effective director and producer. 

He has a charming and magical personality with dynamism and perfection. He has take both success and failure in his stride, and his hopes of achieving the  best have kept his dreams alive. Few understand the intricacies of narratives as well as he does. Raaj goes from highs to lows, from plateaus to peaks with the ease of of a pro. He knows how to turn a seemingly ordinary scene into something special. 

A self-made man, he has no qualms about working with any actor or any theme. At ease with himself and trying to make every work of his a larger flick than the prior, he is a man on a mission. 


New York-based Raaj Rahhi is an innovative film, television, and media producer and director who has years of experience in the entertainment industry in the creative, production, and distribution of television and films. He is a creative production professional of international repute.

His experience in the entertainment industry in the USA, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Africa, and other parts of the world give him a unique distinction of understanding global cinema – virtually the complex production process. He has worked with more than a dozen companies as a producer, creative director, content acquisition head, distribution representative, a fundraiser with internationally known companies such as HBO, Sony Pictures, Magnolia Pictures, Multivision Plus, Parkit Films, Jackie Chen Production, Zee Network, Star International Network, Time Warner Pictures House, and many more.


Raaj Rahhi has received professional education in film distribution and productions from New York University NYC.

He is a graduate in producing a feature film and mass communication from reputed film and media institute in India and abroad.