Film distribution

Raaj Rahhi is the founder and president of World Cinema Partners with a network worldwide for film distribution. Experienced in film distribution, we offer a unique selling proposition to release art house and commercial films. We release Hollywood, International, Bollywood, and regional Indian language films in North America and worldwide, either via theatrical, digital, satellite, or other formats.

We have access to numerous networks in distribute your content on OTT, IPTV, TV, and other media platforms. Contact us for your film release. Once we get involved with the project, we carefully analyze and evaluate the best release strategy; to include location, screen count, the best release date, and a powerful marketing strategy, with an overall plan of action for success. In short, the optimum objective is not only to achieve the highest gross but also the most robust bottom line for the respective film. We manage the film’s entire distribution cycle, starting from advertising, marketing, social media, movie trailer display, local channels, newspapers, and cinema distribution.